Healthcare Realty incorporates sustainable practices in its high-level strategic planning and everyday activities. The Board of Directors and management believe that sustainability principles are fundamental to managing corporate risk, assessing potential acquisitions and developments, and managing existing properties for efficiency and corresponding control of growth in operating expenses.


The Company’s development and redevelopment projects are typically built to leading energy efficiency standards to maximize energy efficiency and desirability to tenants.


Healthcare Realty utilizes energy management systems and monitors Energy Star scores in the majority of its buildings to manage utility costs. In a subset of its largest buildings, the Company uses advanced software and related electronic controls systems that utilize real-time data from utility meters and local weather conditions to identify peak energy usage so that equipment can be adjusted in real time to save energy costs, reduce equipment wear and tear, lessen related capital expenditures, and avoid equipment replacement. The Company expects to deploy these advanced software and control systems to the majority of its buildings in the future. Each year, Healthcare Realty allocates capital resources to sustainability initiatives including energy-efficient lighting retrofits, mechanical equipment and new roofs.

Healthcare Realty is committed to adopting initiatives that eliminate waste, reduce energy consumption and promote best practices.